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Homemade Bread

Cook time: 35min | Rising time: 30min

Created by @phoebemilenkovic



  1. Add dry ingredients to bowl give it a good mix then slowly add your water until it becomes a sticky dough, cover with glad wrap and leave on bench overnight.

  2. Once ready place dough on flour dusted baking paper and form into desired shape adding flour as you go to avoid stickiness.

  3. Pre-heat oven to 220*C and add small baking tray with water on bottom of oven.

  4. Let dough sit for 30min while oven heats up then slice a couple of lines on top of dough to allow air to flow while cooking then put in oven for 35mins then take out tray of water, reduce heat to 160*c for 5-10min to allow bread to crisp up.

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